Welcome to the website for The Former London Chest Hospital

Crest Nicholson are bringing forward proposals for the redevelopment of the former London Chest Hospital, Bethnal Green.

Update: Planning Application Submission

A planning application has now been submitted to Tower Hamlets Council, who will now consider the proposals, and open a statutory period of consultation through which representations can be made by members of the local community.

Subsequent to the extensive community consultation undertaken throughout 2016, the project team has worked hard to take on board the feedback received and to produce an application that considers and where possible addresses the comments received from the local community.

The final planning application includes a number of amendments to the proposals exhibited to the local community since January 2016:

  • Unit numbers reduced to 341
  • Building heights reduced across the site with the tallest northern block reduced from 10 storeys to 7 storeys
  • Main hospital building, sanitation tower, and cast iron verandahs as well as other heritage features to be retained and restored
  • Buildings fronting St James’s Avenue will include landscaped gaps to break up the built form, allowing views through the site
  • Front lawn to be landscaped and kept open to the local community
  • Existing Mulberry tree to be relocated on site. A number of cuttings have already been taken and propagated through grafts and direct planting
  • The proposed building footprint will be 568 sq m less than that of the existing hospital buildings, maximising soft and hard landscaping on site
  • The addition of a space within the proposed development for a 424 sqm community facility

Crest Nicholson have undertaken a period of public consultation exploring their vision for The Former London Chest Hospital in order to gain feedback from the local community, to inform the submission of a planning application to Tower Hamlets Council.

A second public exhibition was held on the 9th & 11th June 2016 and the materials that were exhibited can be found below.


An initial public exhibition was held on the 28th & 30th January 2016 and the materials that were exhibited can be found below.


If you have any questions please get in contact using the following details.


Email: info@LondonChestHospital.co.uk

Tel: 0203 040 1612

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