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Crest Nicholson are bringing forward proposals for the redevelopment of the former London Chest Hospital, Bethnal Green.

Notice – May 2019

Emergency tree works are required to a London Plane tree at London Chest Hospital which is collapsing and considered to be dangerous. The works will be undertaken on Saturday 11th May and appropriate measures have been agreed with the local authority. These works are unrelated to Crest Nicholson’s proposals for the site. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Update – September 2018

The application for the redevelopment of the London Chest Hospital will soon be considered by the Strategic Development Committee at Tower Hamlets Council.

The final plans for the scheme reflect over two and a half years of consultation with the Council, neighbours and third parties and will provide both market and affordable housing (including social housing rent levels) along with a dedicated community space in an attractive, landscaped setting which acts as a gateway to Victoria Park and which makes the grounds of the site more accessible to the local community.

Since we first came forward with proposals for the redevelopment the scheme has evolved significantly. The final plans which are due for consideration, include the following benefits:

  • Provision of 35% affordable housing
  • The provision of D1 Use Class community space
  • Publically accessible front lawn during daylight hours
  • Undertaking major heritage and conservation works to the main building, sanitation tower, railings, verandas and central tower as well restoration of many other parts of the building
  • Planting a significant number of semi-mature and ornamental trees around the site
  • Preserving and relocating the veteran Black Mulberry Tree to a more prominent publicly accessible location

The development proposals will bring this vacant, under-utilised site back into use whilst retaining history and character of the site. We seek to be good neighbours and, if we achieve planning permission, will work with the local community through the construction and development phase.

Please download our Mulberry Tree Frequently Asked Questions document.


On November 1st Crest Nicholson held a third public exhibition providing an update on proposals for the redevelopment of the former London Chest Hospital.


A second public exhibition was held on the 9th & 11th June 2016 and the materials that were exhibited can be found below.


An initial public exhibition was held on the 28th & 30th January 2016 and the materials that were exhibited can be found below.


If you have any questions please get in contact using the following details.


Email: info@LondonChestHospital.co.uk

Tel: 0203 176 4161

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